• What makes these books special?

                They contain videos, links, glossary terms, and built-in study cards.
                You can highlight text and add notes – these become study cards.

  • Can I view these on an Android/Kindle/Surface?

                No. Hopefully Apple will make iBooks available for other platforms as they do for iTunes.
                We explore other options, although at present much of the iBook functionality would be lost.

  • On which devices can I view these iBooks?

                Any iPad, Mac or iPhone. You may need to update your operating system (iOS).
                Although our iBooks are designed for the iPad and Mac, they display well on an iPhone.
                This video will show you how to best view them.

  • Are institutional purchases possible, e.g. a university library?

                Apple does not do site licenses, but they have an excellent Volume Purchase Program
                This allows educational institutions to purchase our iBooks at half price.